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With free CMS systems, you can quickly and easily customize your website content yourselve.



Online applications according to your ideas. From an initial idea to the final application.

Webhosting & Server

Webhosting & Server

Reliable and secure online storage for your websites and web applications, to your own server.

Media & Print

Media & Print

Stand out with unique promotional products from your competitors. The products are delivered directly to you.

Hardware & Software

Hardware & Software

Receive latest or used it technology, from simple office computer to the modern tablet.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Let recover your data from defective disks. Our pension can already prevent worst.

IT products and services for EVERYONE.

Your contact from Saal a.d. Donau in all IT technical matters.

JooWI Online ERP


JooWI Online ERP arose from the unsuccessful search for a simple yet affordable priced business system that can be used by several staff members at the same time and from different locations and devices.

The main advantages for you:

  • monthly billing and termination
  • JooWI grows through modules with your business
  • no installation and update work, no cost
  • Gambio Shop synchronization & Datev export
  • unique support and free beginner training


Debian Installation Set


Debian is a free operating system Linux, which already contains extensive basic programs and relevant system tools.
The biggest advantage of Debian is its upgrade policy so that only updates to flow into the systems, which operate completely reliably.
For this reason Debian is often used for productive server systems, as well as on our servers.

Debian Wheezy variants:

  • i386 (32bit) - 8 DVDs
    for systems less than 3GB RAM
  • amd64 (64bit) - 8 DVDs
    for systems more than 3GB RAM


Medialekt in "active directory"


Since May 2014 Medialekt is presented in "active directory" and has the chance of the Innovation Award in 2015.

JooWI Online in "IT best list"


JooWI Online ERP is listed since may 2014 in the IT best list of "Initiative middle class" and has 2015 the chance of the Innovation Award 2015.

Interview with "Webhosting Vergleich 24"

webhosting-vergleich-24-logoOur top web hosting packages have been included in the comparison portal Webhosting Vergleich 24 with an informative interview.

Medialekt eK - because your needs are also ours!


Since its founding in 2006, we offer our customers professional support in the areas of computer hardware, software, networks and the Internet.

The primary goal is to provide the customer with 100%, which is also his feeling at supposed to be his job. Customers include besides households increasingly small and medium-sized enterprises, which e.g. can be optimally supplied with JooWI online.

Medialekt Company Profile