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Marketing & Digistore24 Tips

Here are a few tips & tricks in dealing with Digistore24 and especially the marketing of your products.


General Tips for Digistore24

Especially as a new vendor, plan enough time for your first products until they have gone through the approval process. Depending on the type and elaboration of your pages, it can take several days until you receive the release even after one or more rejections.

In general the Digistore24 Documentation is always a good place to go.

Of course, we can also help with our know-how, but please understand that this is only possible up to a certain point, because we are not developers of the Digistore24 platform. Also this is not part of the support of the Digistore Connect extension itself!


Affiliate Program & Partner-Pages

Any existing Digistore24 Product can also be made available by the vendor in the Marketplace.
Since here, however, not end customers are addressed, but just possible affiliates, the text should be selected accordingly. Also, the commission should not be too low, for the affiliate, it should be worthwhile to place a link to your products on its pages.

As with the sales pages of the Products, a corresponding Partner page also goes out the entries in order to be approved promptly.

Here are some examples of the Medialekt partner sites:


And here is the associated marketplace entry on Digistore24, after it was released:

digistore connect marktplatz


Parameter transfer for an assignment of sales

If additional information is required for a sold Product, these can be given by parameter to the sales form.

An example would be to advertise on your website for rent, as seen on
Imagine, you have many such pages and per page not just one ad space, but several.
Of course, you can also create a separate product for each page and advertising space, if you want to change something later on one, you have to do this on all the others...

Much better would be one Product in which you give a parameter when purchasing, e.g. site1-area4

Depending on the nature and extent of the Products or information, the following methods are possible:

  1. via a Parameter ?custom=xyz
    According to the Digistore24 documentation, the CUSTOM variable is handed over to the order form and only passed on to the thank you page.
    If you want to work with the info, this method does not help you, because the thank you page does not evaluate the Parameters passed.
    This would be a possible feature request, just drop us an email.

  2. via a Parameter ?variant=xyz
    The advantage of this method is that the info is written nicely on the customer invoice as well as confirmation email of the administrator.
    The disadvantage, for each value, a Variant must be stored in the Product, which is preselected with the parameter.
    The customer has in the order form so an additional select field, which he could also change, in any case confusion.

  3. via a Parameter ?ds24tr=xyz
    The Tracking Key function can also be used to pass any Parameters. These do not appear on the bill, but can be viewed in the statistics of the Digistore24 account.
    Also no additional work is necessary or to be considered.


As in many places in the connection to Digistore24, one is forced to use the available resources accordingly, even if the actual sense of the manufacturer is another.

You have a similar problem and do not have an acceptable solution yet? Than simply write it to us! your social media marketing partner

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