Joomla! Services & Support

Joomla! Services & Support


What is Joomla?
Joomla! is a Content Management System short CMS. It contains with a Site view for your visitors called Frontend and an Administrator view to manage called Backend.


What are my benefit using Joomla?
You can create or manage your Website contents without programming skills with Joomla!


How much costs Joomla?
The basic CMS and many Joomla! Extensions are for free and can get used for private or commercial Projects.

Services & Support for Joomla! from Medialekt

Websites with the CMS Joomla!

You would like to have your individual Publishing on the Internet with your own Homepage?

You are still at the beginning and do not really know where to start...
You are already getting started with Joomla! behind and have special questions...
You would like to have a consultation or your whole project implemented...

Find more information on Websites & Search engines.

You are welcome to write your request in a message and receive your individual offer.

Optimized Webhosting for Joomla!

You are looking for a reliable Webhoster that optimizes its servers for Content Management Systems like Joomla?

With us you do not pay for services that you do not use! Therefore the following Packages are only possible examples!
Based on your ideas and intended use, we will create your individual Hosting Package according to your requirements! Please refer to our Webhosting Terms & Conditions!

We also run performance optimized servers which load Websites up to 80% faster

Find more Webhosting information for your Joomla! Project in the area of Webhosting & Server.

Standard Starter

from 5 € / month plus Tax
  • unlimited subdomains
  • 1 GB storage
    (unlimited traffic)
  • 5 Email accounts
    (Encryption included, spamfilter & webmailer)
  • Profi Features
    (PHP 5.4/5.6/7.0 as Fast-CGI or Mod-PHP, CGI/Perl, own error pages)
  • 5 FTP user
  • 1 MySQL database
    (PHPMyAdmin Control Panel)
  • 5 Cronjobs
  • Additional: Backup & CMS Update
  • Additional: SSL Certificate

Standard Professional

from 9 € / month plus Tax
  • unlimited subdomains
  • 5 GB storage
    (unlimited traffic)
  • 50 Email accounts
    (Encryption included, spamfilter & webmailer)
  • Profi Features
    (PHP 5.4/5.6/7.0 as Fast-CGI or Mod-PHP, CGI/Perl, own error pages)
  • 50 FTP user
  • 5 MySQL database
    (PHPMyAdmin Control Panel)
  • 50 Cronjobs
  • Additional: Backup & CMS Update
  • Additional: SSL Certificate

Individual Extensions for Joomla!

In the Joomla! Extensions Directory you can find already many Extensions for Joomla!

Nevertheless, it can quickly occur with growing projects that an existing Extensions does not quite meet the expectations, or no extensions with the desired functionality exist.

With appropriate programming know-how from simple extensions to highly complex systems can be created.

You are welcome to write your request in a message and receive your individual offer.

Find more already created Addons from Medialekt on Joomla! Extensions.

Extended Support for Joomla!

Do you have general questions about Joomla! or how to setup or customize templates?

You do not get along with the setting options of an Extension and need a secure hand or even your own adjustments?

You are welcome to write a message and, if possible, get an approximate time estimate, which you can purchase with the following packages.

Package Buy
15 Minutes Extended Support from Roland buy 15 Minutes for 25€ (plus Tax)
30 Minutes Extended Support from Roland buy 30 Minutes for 48€ (plus Tax)
60 Minutes Extended Support from Roland buy 60 Minutes for 90€ (plus Tax)

Our Packages are only for commercial customers and employers or legal entities not to consumers.
Payment is made completely through Digistore24 which are also your contractor. Here you have several popular payment methods to choose from.

Joomla! Maintenance & Security

A popular and extensive CMS like Joomla! get f.e. Updates several times a month, closing known security holes, fixing bugs, and adding new features.

Especially safety-critical Updates should usually be installed within a very short time, because with the release of the Updates, the vulnerabilities can be worked out and used for attacks against your pages.

Get a customized Maintenance Package for your Website, consisting of a full Backup and Updating the Joomla! Core and free Extensions.

Backup & CMS Update

Take advantage of our service and profit of a secure and always up to date CMS from your website.
Concentrate entirely on your actual work. The backups can be restored any time.

Depending on the size of your page we Backup and Update your CMS eg 1x in month performed from 30 € plus Tax.
Just contact us!

Backup & CMS Update

SSL Security Certificates

Take an individual SSL Certificate and provide your visitors more security on the web.
Benefit from better rankings in search engines!

Security Certificates are available from 10 € / Month plus Tax with creation and integration into your site.
Write us!

SSL Security Certificate

Any questions?

How can I pay?

There are various popular payment methods such as Bank Transfer or Paypal you can choose from.

How it goes on after my ask?

Depending on the Package further informations are required. We will contact you promptly.

Why should I upload updates when everything works fine?

Updates from the manufacturer includes in addition to new features and the close of identified vulnerabilities.

Can I also get Updates for other CMS from Medialekt?

We can also Update other CMS like Worpress or Dupal, Shop systems or other Web Applications for you. Just contact us!

Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 14:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00


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