3 easy steps to your Webserver


Choosing the correct Webserver
Your project requires more power than a conventional Webhosting offers? Select a the Root Server from our partner Netcup or let us advise you.


Assign Medialekt for Server administration
We do the complete installation, security and regular service for you. You can concentrate on your actual work.


Upload your projects and data
Once your system is fully furnished and secured, you can start with your projects and begin data upload.

Your benefits with a serviced Webserver from Medialekt

Own Settings

With your own Webserver basic settings can be quickly changed for your requirements or new Application. Contact us with your need.


You receive our knowledge from many years of Linux experience, the desktop as the Server area. Major works we implement changes in a short time.

Perfect Performance

All resources of your Webserver are available exclusively for you and your project. No need to share it with many other users.


We can be reached via a wide variety of ways for you, whether chat, email or a phone call. Also on weekends in an emergency.


The fewer Applications, the smaller the engagement surface. Provide updates to your Applications, with the Service Package we will update the rest.

Save your time

Save time and let yourself be comprehensively advised by us about your needs for your project on a Webserver, designed optimally for you.

SEO & Loading time

Get convinced from faster loading times, because with your own Webserver, you get the entire system resources alone for your projects.


In an emergency, we will respond to your message within 24 hours. Especially in case of short term Server failures, this can be a decisive advantage.

Individual and flexible with the highest performance requirements

Reach your goals with your project with a private, high performance Webserver, setup, secured and serviced by Medialekt.

Step by step to the Webserver Installation & Services from Medialekt

Reach 100% of your goals in just 6 steps!

Tell us your ideas & requirements
Of course, we Support you in choosing the correct Webserver.
If you want different Services or Applications, you will get your individual offer. Just contact us!
Get your suitable Webserver
According to your requirements you can choose an appropriate Root Server from our affiliate programm by Netcup, saving during initial setup money.
Transfer your access data to us
If you have received your access data from your provider, send us this in a secure way. We will then perform the initial setup, which we have already discussed in point 1.
Obtaining access to administrative tools & usage
Once the Webserver is setup and secured, and initial tests were positive, you will receive your login informations. You can then begin immediately with your work and create your project, upload and install it.
Monthly Services
Your Webserver is automatically Serviced by us every month. We update the operating system and the system services and check log files for unusual incidents, also we scan the content for malicious code.
Everything at a glance with reports and recommendations
In a detailed PDF you will receive a report with the status and events on your Webserver every month. Here we provide also useful tips, notices and recommendations for further actions if necessary.

Webserver Installation & Service Packages

Choose your Package and take advantage of a stable and secure Webserver.
One time installation Service is billed in the same month, the Services are monthly billed.
The Packages are automatically renewed by one month, unless you cancel until 14 days to month end.
Other Hardware, Software or Services available on request!

Webserver Installation

  • * * * * once work * * * *
  • Initial installation & protection: from 359 € / plus Tax
    (with purchase over our Netcup affiliate programm)
  • or
  • Initial installation & protection: from 459 € / plus Tax
    (without purchase over our Netcup affiliate programm or other providers)

Webserver Service

from 79,70 € / month plus Tax
  • * * * * monthly work * * * *
  • Updates of services and administrative tools
  • Scan for malware
  • Review of major logfiles
  • Result report with recommendations as PDF

Do you have anymore questions

How can I pay?

There are various popular payment methods such as Bank Transfer or Paypal you can choose from. The one time Services are billed in the same month in advance. Packages are billed monthly and any domains annually in advance.

I am not satisfied with the Package, I can revoke?

You basically have the right, within 14 days to withdraw your Package. However, a Domain should immediately be registered for you, or the Installation process should start immediately, your withdrawal right expires. Read more information about refund & withdrawal conditions.

How can I cancel the Package?

You can cancel your Package until 14 days to the month end. Just write us a message. Already done payments will not be refunded!

Accessibility in an emergency?

We can be reached via a wide variety of ways for you, whether chat, email or a phone call. In an emergency, we will respond to your message within 24 hours.

For a new Application I need special settings?

Right here provides your own Webserver advantages compared to a Webhosting Package, so that at any time, the configuration can be changed. Just contact us, we will create depending on the effort an appropriate offer.

When the Service work will take place?

Usually the maintenance work will be done on the 1st Friday / Saturday during the evening and morning hours.

What offline times can I expect during Services?

If operating system updates are available, this is usually associated with a restart. This means off time of <1 minute in normal case.

Is my Webserver continually monitored?

Unless otherwise agreed, you are responsible for monitoring your Webserver, if necessary. Unusual occurrences, however, sent to the administrator, so that he can already respond relative quickly in most cases.

My operating system is outdated, what can I do?

The Linux Debian used usually receives up to 5 years security support updates. After this time you should invest in a migration of the operating system, which normally corresponds to an initial installation.

Satisfied customers with own Webserver, serviced by Medialekt

Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 14:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00


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