Create new Websites & Domains in ISPConfig

With the Open Source Administration Tool ISPConfig you can manage all your important settings for your Webhosting like Website-Access & Databases per Browser.

Your Webhosting Packages from Medialekt are also managed with ISPConfig.


Create Website & Domain

After login with your access data, go to Sites → Website → Add new Website:

en ispconfig create website


Here you can find 6 Tabs which are described here in short:

  • Domain
    • Server
      According your Webhoster you can select different Server.
    • Domain
      Enter the Domain (without www.) connected from your Registrar to this Server.
    • Quota
      You have an available Web-Quota. Split it between all your Websites so you did not exceed.
    • Transfer Quota
      If your Webhoster limit your transfer, enter here your value.
    • Select the Options for your Hosting, on the Medialekt Server for example SuEXEC + Eigene Fehlerseiten are ok.
    • Auto-Subdomain
      Select www. if this is a independent Domain. If the site is already a Subdomain, choose None.
    • SSL
      Activate SSL, if you want to set a certificate.
    • Let´s Encrypt SSL
      If available you can generate automatically a Let´S Encrypt certifiacte.
    • PHP
      Select the PHP-Mode. On Medialekt Server normally Fast-CGI or FPM is ok.
    • PHP Version
      If you choosed Fast-CGI, you can set up from PHP 7.0.
  • Redirect
    On the Medialekt Server normally used values are:
    • SEO Redirect
      www.domain-tld => domain.tld
      Decide only for one fixed variant.
    • Rewrite HTTP to HTTPS
      Redirect all requests to encrypted HTTPS.
  • SSL
    If you have a own certifiacte, enter it here.
  • Statistics
    On the Medialekt Server you can operate Matomo instances, which provide significantly more information and are more comfortable to use.
    But you can set here AWStats or Webalizer.
  • Backup
    Choose your Backup options. We recommend:
    • Backup Intervall: Daily
    • Amount of Backups: min. 3
  • Options
    You only see this Tab if you have the permissions. As an Administrator you can set individual PHP.INI values or Apache Directives.


Save your setup and wait about 1 minute so the server can process your changes.


Create a FTP-User

To create a new FTP-User, go to Sites → FTP-Accounts → Add new FTP-User:

en ispconfig create ftp user


Enter here for example follow fields:

  • Domain
    Select the Website/Domain for this FTP-Account from before.
  • Username
    Enter a Username. It´s possible that your Hoster add a Prefix to avoid conflicts with other clients on the server.
  • Password
  • Quota
    If you wish, you can enter a quota.


Create a Database-User

To create a new Database-User, go to Sites → Database Users → Add new Database User:

en ispconfig create database user


Enter for example following values:

  • Database-User
    Enter a Username. It´s possible that your Hoster add a Prefix to avoid conflicts with other clients on the server.
  • Database-Password


Create a Database and connect with User & Website

To create a new Database, got to Sites → Databases → Add new Database:

en ispconfig create database


Enter following fields for example:

  • Server
    According your Webhoster you can select different Database-Server.
  • Webseite
    Select the Website/Domain to connect this Database from before.
  • Database-Name
    Enter a Database-Name. It´s possible that your Hoster add a Prefix to avoid conflicts with other clients on the server.
  • Database-User
    Select the Database-User from before.
  • If required you can set optional permissions, Charset or Remote Access.


Now you should have all required Information and Accounts to install your own Website and possible Content Management Systems. your social media marketing partner

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