IPN Calls & Cronjob Handling

With the IPN Calls you have a great tool to view your sells.
The Cronjob can do a much better result to recognize expired users and remove his access level.


IPN Calls Overview

Go to Components → Digistore Connect → IPN Calls to see all past IPN Calls from Digistore24 or manual added ones.

en digistore connect ipn calls

In this view you can see important informations from your sells.

This list is also processed from every Cronjob Call.
All calls with the action add_user and a Register Out Date gets a check with the current date and based on this result the Digistore Connect decide to remove the user groups from the user with the same mail address.

Recently, the email addresses link to the corresponding Joomla! user and the Order ID to the delivered Order URL from Digistore24.
In addition, tax and without tax prices are entered and can be displayed in the "My packages" page. But more about this later.


Automatic IPN-Call from Digistore24

Jeder IPN Aufruf von Digistore24 erhält hier einen Eintrag. Je nach Einstellung der Digistore Connect Joomla! Erweiterung werden Sie zusätzlich von Joomla! darüber informiert.

Dabei werden sämtliche Daten automatisch ermittelt und eingetragen. So wird das Ablaufdatum anhand der eignestellten Laufzeit des Pakets eigenständig errechnet.

Ein Benutzer kann also durchaus ein "kleineres" Paket mit einer geringeren Laufzeit erworben haben und nachträglich sich für ein Größeres entscheiden, ohne dass ihm die entsprechenden Rechte aufgrund den vorzeitigen Ablauf des kleineren Pakets genommen werden. Digistore Connect erkennt dass der Benutzer ein größeres gültiges Paket hat und synchronisiert automatisch wieder seine richtigen Pakete.


Add an IPN-Call manually or edit

Just click on New and you can add a manual IPN Call or Copy from an existing one. This allows you to offer a persion a special Package, independentyl of Digistore24 purchases.

For example you can do a special longer runtime or leave it empty to grant lifetime access.

IPN-Calls without an Register Out Date gets ignored by the Cronjob!

en digistore connect ipn call

  • Note that a corresponding user with the same Mail address have to exist in your Joomla!

  • the Package name have to be same as an existing Digistore Connect Package!

  • if you want a User Action, "New User" have to be selected in the Action field. This is required if you want to use the Cronjob with a register out date!
    Note that the Cronjob only see IPN Calls with the action "New user" (add_user) and a valid register out date!


IPN Call of a manually blocked user

Digistore Connect write ALL users bellow the "Registered" usergroup with standard ID 2.
Since version 1.7 no users gets deactivated, instead they just have the only one "Registered" group.

This allows you and your users to login and gets an individual extension!

This handling also allows you to handle non paying clients which you block manually!
No user account which is blocked gets active also not after a rebuy via Digistore24 and another coming IPN Call!

Of course you can manually activate accounts every time.
The usergroups are also written correctly and expire as expected.


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